Stephen Verona is that rare 20th Century artist. Born in Illinois and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and traveled about the world, his art and films reflect his astute observations.

Some critics have said he is between Hockney and Hopper. His paintings with light, color and faces are unique and original. He has been painting since he was two, when he put his fingers in shoe polish and rubbed it on the wall.

While in High School, he attended the Brooklyn Museum school, which he credits along with The School of Visual Arts for changing him from his rebellious black leather to artistic corduroy. He painted, sculpted, photographed and made films.

One of his photographs was given the Edward Steichen award from the Museum of Modern Art. Five of his films have been accepted there and in the Library of Congress.

He began his career in advertising as an art director and producer. Eventually he became a co-creative director of Ogilvy & Mather. He left there to direct commercials. It was on location in England for Ford that he met John Lennon. Lennon gave him the rights to the Beatle tune “I Feel Fine”, which Verona animated. He and Lennon and sat coloring in the drawings. When the film was finished John took Verona up to Columbia Records where he was offered anyone on the label to work with. He chose Barbra Streisand.


All Artwork ©1973-2012 Stephen Verona