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Art in Public Places (California)

Morton’s Restaurant 1984 - Permanent Collection
Nicky Blair’s Restaurant 1986-1987
Joe Allen’s Restaurant 1984 - 1987 - Permanent Collection
Yum Cha Restaurants - Permanent Exhibition & Collection
Contents by Theodores 1984 - 1985 - Beverly Center
Cafe Roma 1982 -1986
Phyllis Morris Interiors - 1987
Moonlight Tango Cafe - Permanent Exhibition & Collection
The Mansion Hotel - San Francisco

Miscellaneous Commissions

1980 Painted the Official Portrait of Governor Jerry Brown for the Presidential Election Campaign
1980 Painted the menu cover for Ma Maison Restaurant, along with David Hockney and Francoise Gilot.
1981 Painted the poster for Dorothy Chandler Pavillion - Music Center Dance Presentations - International Ballet
1986 Painted 2 Cut Out murals for Yum Cha Restaurants
1988 Painted Cut Out mural for Moonlight Tango Cafe
1988 Eight Paintings & Four Cut Outs are featured in the motion picture LOON starring Val Kilmer & Rae Dawn Chong
1989 Painted the 100 foot long Cut Out mural of Gone With The Wind for the 50th Anniversary of the film. Commission by Ted Turner, MGM.
1990 Painted a surfboard for Heal the Bay Art Invitational - curated by Artist Laddie John Dill

Other Accomplishments

1990 Wrote the autobiographical book “Self Portrait.”

1991 Patented invention of a safety & support device. Contracted with the General Services Administration to exclusively manufacture & distribute under the Americans with Disabilities Act. (A.D.A) of 1990

1991 Stephen Verona/Self Portrait - Hatchwell Productions
A 75 minute documentary for video, TV & theatrical release that show the many facets of the talent of Stephen Verona. With Sylvester Stallone, Angela Lansbury, Janet Leigh, Lee Grant, Perry King, Ray Sharkey, Mick Fleetwood, Sally Kirkland, Sid Ganis, Anna (Mrs. Lee) Strasberg & more.

2004 Wrote the book “The Making Of The Lords Of Flatbush” which chronicles the film from the first idea to the nightmare of production, looking for the money for the distribution, the stars that came out of it (some who were never seen in the final film) and the upcoming lawsuit with Columbia Pictures.

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All Artwork ©1973-2003 Stephen Verona