People Magazine called Stephen Verona THE father of Music Video.

Angela Lansbury’s Positive Moves Wood Knapp / Knapp Publications 1988 - 60 minutes. With Angela Lansbury. Producer, Director.

Where Are You Tonight Organically Grown Clothing Company 1984.
4 Minutes, fashion Video. With Kyra Sedgewick. Producer, Director.

Estelle Getty Young at Heart Power Films & Video Treasures. 1993
60 minutes. With Estelle Getty. Director

Music Videos

She Said So The Beatles- First Rock & Roll Music Video
by Stephen Verona and John Lennon
Rain on the Roof Lovin' Spoonful 1967
Oye Como Va Santana 1970
Tobacco Road Edgar Winter 1972
Prodical Son Johnny Winter 1972
Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road Loudon Wainwright 1972
Carry Me Dr Hook and the Medicine Show 1972
We Can Make It Happen Chicago 1972
Easy Does It Al Kooper 1972
First Time Ever Roberta Flack 1972

I Ten
CBS Epic Records
Natalie Cole CBS Epic Records
Mick Fleetwood with Stevie Nicks RCA Records
Boy George CBS Epic Records
Will Ackerman Windham Hill Records
Alex de Grassi Windham Hill Records
Liz Story Windham Hill Records
Western Light Windham Hill Records, Pioneer Laser Disc, Paramount Pictures 60 minutes, with a variety of artists

DV Videos

Sidney B. Felsen Celebration 7 Minutes, Color - 1999
Angkor WatJungle Temple 5 Minutes, Black & White 2000
Endless Ride 7 Minutes, Color – 2001
Holy Men Medicine Men Mad Men 7 Minutes, Black & White – 2003
In Good Company 12 Minutes, Celebrity Portraits, Color – 2003
New Years Eve 12 Minutes, Black & White - 2004
Sketches of Boule 3 Minutes, Black & White
Lust Rust Dust  25 minutes, Color - with the artist Alexis Smith - 2004
The Empty Hand 10 minutes, Black & White
Tribute to Steve Landesberg 2011
The Rehearsal My Academy Award Nominated Short Film
Carnivale Candy Venice Carnival Gallery Exhibit/Roberta Flack 2013
Baking Bread Baking Bread in Zagreb 30 Secs. Color 2013
A Farewell To RJ Neighbor Shot by Police 2013



  All Artwork ©1973-2013 Stephen Verona